You Married A Wife Not A Cook – Wale Jana

CEO of Sapphire Scents, Wale Jana has aired his view as regards men who complain about their wives not knowing how to cook.

Wale suggested that a woman who doesn’t know how to cook shouldn’t be looked down on, he also explained that cooking is a skill just like any other activity and it is not compulsory for all women to be skilled in it.

According to his instagram Post:

This post is about the entitlement mentality of men especially when it comes to cooking. When are we going to have the discussion that not all women have the gift of cooking? The fact that she’s a woman doesn’t mean she will have cooking skills. I know hunger is a big problem in Nigeria but also remember that you married a wife not a cook! I have seen a man look at a woman who can’t cook as if she has HIV. Cooking is a SKILL like knowing how to drive or how to swim! If you are not inclined or attracted to it, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you!

My wife is an amazing cook but how can we have four daughters and I will still make her slave in the kitchen all day because I want to eat, that’s wickedness let another person do that! If you want world class dishes hire a chef! Yorubas used to say “olobe lo loko” (she who knows how to cook owns the husband) that’s nonsense! By the time she slaves away for years at the kitchen and she’s looking haggard and older than you, you will be the same man looking for a younger, sexier babe and ordering room service in hotels. It’s interesting that the side chic may never even have to boil water!

Men stop being entitled over this food matter! If you are so passionate about food, get a chef! You married a wife not a cook!

May you use this toothpick of common sense in Jesus name.

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